Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. 95 Captives : 4nd many bodies ofSaints Matth. 27. which dept arofe, and came out of the 527 53 Graves after his "efurreliion, and went into the holy City, and appeared unto many. What better Earneff can we have that the ftrength of Death is broken ? From what he has done toghat he is able todo, the Confequence is clear. The Apofile tells us, He will raft our vile bodies, and change them like unto Phil. 3. 1. his glorious Body by that Power whereby he is able to fubdue all things to himfelf. Our Redemption will then be compleat, and all the bitter- Rom.8. 23. 'nets of Deathpa. The Redem- ption of the Soul is accomplifh'd from Sin and Mifery immediatly after Death : but the Redempti- on of the Body is the laff in or- der, and referved to crown our Felicityat the Great Day. Then Death(hall be fwallowed up in Vico- 1 Cor. 15. sy, abolifh'd for ever. A