Bates - BT825 B37 1683

io8 S ER MO NS that when the Soul is inflamed with the love of God, that affe&i- on will be a&ive and dilcover its, . felf in all it does or fiiffers in thé fervice of God. This will make aGhrií[ian very defirous and di- ligent to pleafe God in all things, and careful not to difpleafe him in any thing ; for that is the in- feparable effect of Love. The felicityof the natural temper, and the force of Education,rnay caufe a loathingof fome Evils, and dit: pole to fume good Works, but with a referved delight in other fins, and a fecret exception against other duties. Servile fear is apar- tial principle, and caufes an un- equal refped to the Divine Pre- cepts : it reft ains from fins of greater guilt,at which Gonfcience takes fire : it urges to forne du- ties, the negle61 ofwhich caufes difquiet but the Love of God caufes