Bates - BT825 B37 1683

26 S E qM01.1TS -, (3.) How juftly will this render divine Mercy inexorable to their Prayers and Tears in their extre- mity ? When a RomanGentle- man, that had wafted a great E, Rate by Luxury, and was wont to revel in the Night and fleep in the Day, petitioned the Emperor Tiberius to relieve his poverty, he was difmift with this upbraiding Anfwer, Sero experretus es, You are rifen too late. He never o- pened his Eyes to fee his Condi- tion till it was pail remedy. This is the fad cafe ofmanySouls that waífe the feafons of Grace, and arecarelefs of their Duty till they are upon the point of periíhing, and then addrefs themfelves to God for his Favour and Pardon, but are juilly reje&ed with the reproaches of their obitinate neg- le t of Salvation in the time of their lives. (4) RC'