Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. 127 (4.) Repentance that is indif- penfibly required to qualify us fQr Mercy, is far more difficult andhazardous by Mens deferring ofit. The laft guilty difpofition that feats up the Damnation of the Sinner, is Impenitence. Now he that delays the returning to his Duty, fhall have more caufe to repent hereafter, but lefs will and power. For the continuance in Sin hardens the heart, and that which is indifpofition, will be.. come averfenefs and obflinacy. Theheart with difficulty changes its laft end : Moons may be fud- denly changed, when there is a difability to perform them, but the inward inclination to Sin , without fupernatural Grace, re- mains. And is it rea%nable to expea the leafl breathings of the Spirit, any divine Aflance, af- ter long refilling his holy Exci- tations ?