Bates - BT825 B37 1683

1 2,$ SERMONS tations ? God threatens, MySpirit 'hall not always 'hive with Man And to the forfaken Sinner thet feafons of Grace are as irrevoca- ble as his wafted mif-fpent time The Delayer does not tru1, but tempt divine Mercy. (5.) The numerous Examples of thole who have deferred Re- pentance and Reconciliation with God, and at laff died in their fins, fhould terrify Meng they are not wrought on in a moreexcellent way. f. Some prefume upon the vigour of 'their Youth or Com- plexion, and think when they have fatiated themfelves with the pleafuresof Sin, when they have the freeft vacancy, and are retir'd from the affairs ofthe. World, there will be aconvenient feafon for making their peace with Gpd. And how often are they fudden- ly cut off, the firft f ymptom: of their