Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DE AT x. t 5 teous than that Man when he dif- obeyed the Author of Life, íhould forfeit his Life and Blef- fe"dnefs. The Soul voluntarily loft the fpiritual Life by forfak- ing God, therefore unwillingly lofes the natural Life by expul- fon from the Body. The Apo- file declares, the Wages of Sin is Death, not only that of the Bo- dy, but the Death of the Soul, which is a dreadful Concomitant of it. And from hence we may difcover the falfe Philofophy of the wifeil Heathens in their Opi- hion of Death. They `judged it to be the primary neceflity and condition of Nature, fixt by ir- refìffible Fate : and not under- !landing the true and jufl real-on of its coming into the World, they could not apply a. fufficient Remedy againfl its Evil. 2. As Anima vo- lens perdi- dit vivere, nolens er- go perdat & vivifica- re. Rom.6.23. Hac lege intrave- rant, ut ex- irent. Senec.