Bates - BT825 B37 1683

Y6 SERM0N,S Ecclef:1.4. 2. As the Effe& of the divine Decree refpeting Sin. This is difcovered by revelation in the Word of God, and by the real executionof it.It is appointed toMen once to die. This Decree is uni- verfal and unrepealable. One Ge- neration paeth away, and another Generation cometh : like theebbing and flowing of the Sea in its fa- tedPeriods. Nothingcan inter- rupt or fruffrate this appointments here are divers Conditions of Men, and various ways of living in the World ; fome are high in Dignity, others are level with the Earth : fome walk in a Carpet- way fmooth and eafy, others in a thorny and troublefom : fome walk on thegolden Sands, others on the Mire : but the fame un- controulable necety Of dying involves all. Andwhat-ever the way be, whether pleafant or doleful