Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATu. dreadful to Death, that all hopes of obtaining his favour are loft. .As the Egyptian DarkneJs was not nieerly from the abfence of the Sun, but from feculent Vapours condenfing the Air, that it might be felt. So there dark and fear- ful expeaations of the Divine Wrath, are not only from the withdrawing the Light of God's Countenance , but from the Prince of Darl-,nefs that foul Spirit. And as we read of the Eg)ptians, that no Man arofe from his place for three days, as if they .had been buried in that darknefs, and deprived of all aClive power and motion : fo the defpairing Soul fits down mourning at the Gates of Death, totally disabled from profecuting the Things that belong to its peace.'Tis Hope in- fpires and warms uswith alacrity, encourages our Endeavours, Deg fpair