Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon D E A T H. 3 yet every one is perfectly happy and pleafed. As the firings of .an lnf$rument differ in the xze end found, fore are (harp and high, tome grave and deep,others a mean, and from that variety refúlts the Harmony and Mu- lick, fo that if every firing had Judgment and Eleion, it would chufe to be what it is : fo from the different degrees of Glory in Heaven, the molt amiable and equal Order of the Divine Wit dom appears, that fatisfies every one. We than be in the glorious pretence of God and Chrifi, where is fulnef of joy, and infinite pleafures for ever. Tis laid of Abraham, He rejoic'd to fee the day of Chrifl, two thoufand Years be- fore his coming. When by Faith he law the incarnation of the Son of God, in order to the redemp- tion