Bates - BT825 B37 1683

8o S E M 0 N, S flian fuffers, fees through the thickeft Clouds of Difgrace and Mifery, the glorious Iffue,.1 As the illuftrious Confeflor who was crucified with our Savi- our , proclaim'd his Eternal Kingdom in the midft of in- hitting Infidels. And our love to God then appears in its ra- diancy and vigour, when we are ready for the teftimony of his Truth, and advancing his Glo- ry, to fuffer a violent Death : or when it comes in a gentler manner, for 'tis even then ter- rible to Nature, we are wit-- lingly fubjea to diffolution, that we may be united to God in Heaven. And our patience has never its perfen work, and is truly viaorious, till this laft Enemy be fubdued. Death is theSeal of our Confiancy&Perfeverance. Now the Righteous Rewarder will crown hOnd