Bates - BT825 B37 1683

g6 SE(i-MONS the Soul's Immortality, without which all Vertue had been extin. gui{h'd in the World, but no con:. je1ure of the reviving of the B6- dy. But real-on ants Faith in this point, both as to the Will ofGod, and his power for the perform- ing it. I will glance upon the na- tural Reafons that induce the con- fidering Mind to receive this Do- arine, and more largely thew how the 1efurreEtion of, the Tuft is affuredby our Redeemer. t . The Divine Laws are the Rule of Duty to the entire Man, and not to the Soul only : and they are obeyed or violated by the Soul and Body in conjunai- on. Therefore there mutt be a relurreaion of the Body, that the entire Perron may be capable of Recompences in Judgment. The Soul defigns, the Body executes the Senfes are the open Ports tá admit