Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual leerfeatort cleanfed from the Love of Sin , nor chang'd into the likenefs of God. In all their Miferies they were in the (late of unrenewed Nature, though reflrain'd from the vifible Eruptions of it But real Saints have their Converfation all of a Colour : in Profperity and Adverfity they are Holy and Heavenly. In fhort, Sincere Chriflians fludy= the Divine Law to know the extent of their Duty, and delight id the difovery of it : they do not decline the flriaefl Scrutiny. 'Tis David's Prayer, Lord, fearch me and try me, and fee whether, there be any way of wickedner in me, and difcover it to me that I may forfake it. Confcience will be quick and tender like the Eye, which if any dirt be in it, weeps it out. There may be Rebels in a Loyal City, but they are not conceal'd andcherilht : the Loyal Subjeas fearch to difcover them, and cafe= them out : But the Hypocrites hate the light, becaufe their deeds are evil : they cherish a wilful Ignorance, that they may freely enjoy their Lulls. The fin- cere Chriflian aims at Perfeaion : he. Prays, Refolves, Watches, Mourns and Strives againfl every Sin. This is as nece[fary to uprightnefs, as 'tis im- poffble we fhould be without fpot or blemifh here : but tile Hypocrite though he Externally complies with fóme Pre- cepts