Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfeetion. 117 Thus there are fingular Saints whole Graces are fo Confpicuous and Convinc- ing, and a univerfal Holinefs appears in their Converfation, as makes them vene- rable among the vicious : Their prefence will reftrain the diffolute from Exceffes either in Words or Aaions, as effeau ally as a Magif}rate by the terror of his Power. Other Saints, though fincere, yet there is fuch a mixture of Shades and Lights in their anions, that they are in low efteem. Compare meek Mofes with the paffionate Prophet 7onas, who jufti- fied his anger to the Face of God him- felf, I do well to be angry even unto death. We read of Mofes, that he was the meek- eft man upon the face of the earth : Of this there is recorded a very Eminent Effea and Evidence When Aaron and Miriam had contumelioufly and fediti- oufly fpoke againft him, as if he had U- furp'd undue Authority, Math the Lord Numb. onely JJoken by Mofes ? bath he not alfo fpoken by us ? He might by a fharp reply have confounded them, but he was fi- lent. Several Circumftances concur to heighten the value of his ViEtory over himfelf. There was a double offence, and violation of the refpeas due to the dignity of his Perfon, and the nearnefs of the Relation : This Accufation was publick before the Congregation ofIJrael: in