Bates - BT766 B3 1699

t44 Spiritual PerfW1iot nbt be an undoubted refpeE to his A thority ; but to believe his teftimony without the evidence of things , is ati Obedience worthy of him. And we are equally obliged to believe his teftimony, concerning the truth of things, notwith- ftanding the reluaancy of the carnal Mind, and their Teeming repugnance to the natural notions of Reafoxi ; as to obey his Precepts, notwithftanding the reluctancy of the corrupt Will, and the inclinations to forbidden things. 3. God never requires our affent to fix pernatural things revealed in his Word, but affords fufficient côhviaion that they are Divine Revelations. When Goddeg puted any by Commiffion for an extra- ordinary Work, he always afforded a Light to difcover the Commiffion was uncounterfeit. Motes was fent from God with a Command to Pharaoh, to releafe the Ifraelites from their cruel Servitude and he had the Wonder-working Rod, to authorife his Commifhon , and con- firm the truth of his Meflage by Mira- cles. The Divinity of the Scripture, the Rule of Faith, fhines with that clear and ftrongevidence, that only thole whofe Minds are prevented with a con- ceit of the impoffibility of the Doarines contained in it, and perverted by their Faffìons, can refit it. Colour'd Objeas are