Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perf ec`fion. Creation, it has been expos'd to the fight of all Reafonable Creatures. Men were not commanded to believe in order to Salvation, till by Experience they were Convinced of the Infufficiency of Rea- fon to direct them how to be reítored to the Favour of -God. The Apoffle de- I Glares, for after that in the wifdom of God, the world by wifdom knew not God, it plea- fid God, by the foolifhnefs' of preaching to fave them that believe. The Doctrineof the Trinity is purely fupernatual : for the internal diftinction of the Perfons in the Divine Nature, by their incommunica- ble Charaaers is only proper to God. The Counfels of the Divine Will are above any Created Underftanding : Who knows the things of a man, but thefpirit of a man, fä none knows the things ofGod but the Spirit of God. The Angels are fu- perior Spirits to us, and excel us in fubli- mity and perfpicacity of Underftanding, but they could never know the Decrees of God, though in his immediate Pre- fence, but as gradually reveal'd : 'tis faid of the Myfteries of his Counfdls, they delre to look into them. We cannot form a Conception in our Minds, but what takes its rife from fenfible things. 2. The attempt is Impertinent for God has reveal'd thole great Myfteries futhciently for Paving Faith, though net L 3 149 Cor. t. a[