Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfec`ïion. tration of Reafon. The meaneft Lin- derftanding, as well as the molt railed, are equally capable of Salvation. The light of Faith is as much below the light ofGlory,as 'tis above the light of Nature. 3. 'Tis of dangerous Canfequence. There is an Hydropic Curiofity, that fwells the Mind with Pride, and is thir- íty after the Knowledge of things un- fearchable., This Curiofity has often been fatal to Faith. 'Tis like a man's endeavour to climb up to the inacceffible point of a Rock that is very hazardous, to fee the Sun in its brightnefs, which may fafely be Peen from the plain Ground. The fearching into the unfearchable things of God's Nature and Decrees, has been the occafion of many pernicious Errors. 'Tis like the filly Moths flut- tering about the burning Light, till its Wings are fing'd. Befide, the affeecing to be Wife above what is written, and the attempt to make fupernatural Do_ urines more receivable to Reafon by in- fufficient Arguments, weakens the Autho- rity and Credit of Revelation : the en- deavour to make them more eafily known, makes themmore hard to be believed. To venture to explicate them beyond the Revelation of them in Scrip- ture, is like a man's going out of a For- trefs wherein he is fafe, into an open L 4 Field, J5