Bates - BT766 B3 1699

5 Spiritual Perfec`lon. Field, and expofe hirnfelf to the afraults of his Enemies, ?. I will now confider the ObjeWions againft fupernatural Do&rines. a. 'Tis alledged they are irreconcila- ble with Reafon ; and 'tis not poffible for the.Underftanding to believe againf$ its own Light and Judgment. In an- fwer to this fpecious Objeaiön, the fol- lowing particulars are to be confider'd. Y, Senfe, Reafon and Faith, are the' Inffruments of our obtaining Knowledge. Senfe is previous to Reafon, and Reafon prepares the way to Faith. By our Senfes we cone to underl}ánd natural things, by our. Underffandings we come to be- lieve divine things. Reafon corrects the Errors of Senfe, Faith reforms the Judg- ment of Reafon. The Stars feem but glittering Points ; but Reafon convinces ps they are vaff Bodies, by meafuring the diftance, that leans their greatnefs to our fight. We cannot imagine that. there are Men whofe Feet are directly oppofite toours, and are in no danger of falling ; but Reafon detnonffrates there are Antipodes 'Tis as abfurd for Rea- fon to reje divine teftimony , and violate