Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfection. Anions as are correfpondent to the Na- ture of the things believed. Ifthe Head be inlightned, and the Heart in Dark- nefs, if one profefles never fo fully his Affent and Adherence to all the Articles of Faith, and the Beams of Faith are not vifible in his Converfation, he is an Infidel. He that rayes, I knowChrift, or joh. 2. which is Equivalent, believe in him, and keeps not his Commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. Every habitual Sinner is an Unbeliever. UnfeignedFaith receives the Word of God in all its parts, Doctrines, Commands, Promifes, not only as Infallibly true, but Superlatively good and precious, and intirely embraces them, with a defpifing of all things, that may come in Competition with them, and expreffes the ef{eem and love of them in the praaife. The two infeparable properties ofSaving Faith are, 'tis Hum- ble and Submiffive to divine Revelation, 'ris Dutiful and Obedient to divine Pre- cepts. This being premis'd, I will confider the power of Faith, proceeding z. From the Nature of the ObjeEts upon which 'tis exercis'd. 2. From the degrees of its Affent and Adherence to them. 3.From the ferions and frequent Application of the Objeas to our Heart. . From