Bates - BT766 B3 1699

174 Spiritual .der f e on. I; From the Nature of the Obje fs upon which 'tis exercis'd now between them,and the molt enticeing good things, and the moff fearful evil in this preiént ftate, there is an incomparable difference The Apoffle tells us, This is the victory that overcomes the World, even our Faith. Viaory fuppofes a Fight, and a Fight fuppofes an Enemy : The Enemy is de- clar'd, the VVorld, including the Men of the VVorld , and the things of it. This Enemy is in Combination with the Devil and the Flefh. He is ftil'd the Prince of this World, that manages the Temptations of it for the ruine of Souls, He tryes his poilons according to the difpofitions of Men, in hopes of working in them. He prefents to fome a charm- ing Cup, to intoxicate them with the pleafures of Sin he tempts others with things of Luffre, with Titles of Honour and Dignity, that dazle their Minds, that they cannot give a true and fafe judgment of things : he allures others with Riches. And as heat is doubled by reflexion, fo he enforces his temptations , from the prevalency of thefe motives upon Men in all places and times, If th.efe Me- thods are unfuccefsful to turn Men from God, he tryes to make terrible Impreffi- ons upon the Minds of Men by affliain.g Evils JoIa. s.