Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual .Perfec ion Evils, by therage of the perverfe World. Now Faith is the viaotious Principle , that defeats all his defigns, and over- comes all his ftrength. In Mechanical Operations, we judge by the force of the Mover, how eafily a weight will be mo- ved. Thus when . Eternll Realities are by Faith put into the Scales againft Tem- poral Vanities, they infinitely outweigh them.. The Apofile makes a judicious comparifon ; Our light Affliláions that are 2 cor.4. but for a moment, work out for as a far more exceeding and eternal weight of Glory. He extreamly vilifies things prefent, and magnifies things future. All that is pleafant or painful here is but for a mo- ment, and in true value is infinitely in- feriour to the good things, and the evil to come. I count, faith the Apofile, the Affliliions of the prefent time, are not to be compared with the Glory that Pall be revealed And fence the imprefl'ions of Pain are incomparably fironger, and more affeEhng Humane Nature than im- preflìons of Pleafure , one fharp Pain leads the fenfitive Faculties to the molt vehement Pleafures. We are affured by irrefiftible evidence, that the Happinefs of this World is in true value infinitely inferiour to the Happinef of the next. The moil pleafant things here cannot fatisfie the narrow Faculties of Senfe : The 7,