Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfeetion. capacities of mens bodies, Intemperate perfons feed high, and drink deep, with- out refleEion or remorfe, and pretend 'tis for the Refrefhment of Nature. 3. Flefhly Lulls (teal into the Throne by degrees. An Excefs of Wickednefs ftrikes at firft fight with Horror, No Prodigal defign'd to wafte a great Eftate in a day; yet many from immenfe Riches have fall'n into extream Poverty. This Expence is for his Pleafure, this for his Honour, this will not be ruinous; thus proceeding by degrees, till all be fquan- der'd away , he becomes voluntarily poor. An Intemperate Perfon begins with leffer meafures g and is not frequent- ly overtaken : Confcience for a time re- fills, and fufpends the entirenefs of his confent to the Temptation : He drinks too much for his Time, for his Health and Elate, but he will not totally quench his Reafon : Yet by degrees he becomes hardned, and freely indulges his Appe- tite till he is drown'd its Perdition. A Lafcivious perfon begins with im- pure Glances, tempting Words and Anions, and proceeds to unclean mix- tures. . Senfual Lulls ítupify Corifcience; they kill the Soul in the Eye, and ex- tingui h the direttive , and reflexing Powers.