Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfec`torl. Powers. Wine and Women take area) the .Heart ; that 'tis neither vigilant nor tens` der. Chaftity and Temperance, joined with Prayer to the Father of Lights, clarifie and brighten the Mind, and make it receptive of fanaifying Truths ; but carnal predominant Pallions fully and fain the. Underftanding by a natural Ef- ficiency, and by a moral and meritorious Efficiency. When the Spirits that are requifto for intelleEual operations, are wafted for the ufe of the Body , th6 Mind is indifpofed for the fevere exer- cife of Reafon. Although the difpoGti- ons of the Body are not direEly operd- tive upon the Spirit, yet in their prefent Bate of union, there is a f}range fimpa thy between the Conflitution of the one, and the Conceptions and/Inclinations of the other. Luxury and Lull. fatten a ruff and foulnefs on the Mind, that it cannot fee Sin in its odious Deformity nor Vertue in its unattaintab'le Beauty. They raife a thick miff that darkens Reafon, that it cannot difcern approach- ing dangers. The Judicative Faculty is by the righteous Judgment of God, imp paired and corrupted, that it does not feriouíly confider the defcent and worth of the Soul, its duty and accounts for all things done in the Body ; but as if the