Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Sj'iritual Perfeffion. procligioully bad, if they are not free from Fault, they will not defend their Intemperanceand Incontinency. If there be any fpark of Confcience alive, it dif- *covers and condemns thofe Sins, and af- fifts a faithful counfellor in their Cure. But the Covetous, by many fair pre- tences, juflifie themfelves : The Apoffle 5' expreffes them by the cloke of Covetouf: weis', to hide its filthinefi. They pre- told to be frugal , but not covetous They alledge the example of thofe who are reputed wife, who profecute the gains of the World, as the main fcope of their anions : They will tell you, 'tis necef- fary Prudence to improve all Opportuni- ties to increafe their Eftates, to fecure them from Evils that may happen and to negle± providing for our Families is worfe than Infidelity. Thus Reafon is ingaged to joyn with the Affeetion. From hence the Covetous are not only inaniour'd with the unworthy Objea, but averfe from the Cure of the vicious Affeaion. The love of Money fmothers the Mind with Ignorance, and darkens ts-ferenity, that the filthinefs of the Sin is 'inclifcernible. The Covetous are like Perfons fick beyond the fenfe of their Direafe and near Death 'without feel? Ing the prefàges' of it. Befides, thofe , Fohliipt 4fre 1011S which in their rire 7 ; v 4rici