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52 Ofthe ature,ktowledge, Will 326. IX. Dr. Milre ufeth instead of this the diftinEtion of reformat mantaa figni fen pace, Beneplaciti t Precepts. His fence is Right, but the terms are too nar- ptnm, imp/tri dccanar dn°- ram. The true Diftinétion is of Gods wadNatural Things and Events bus r. tad ira fit quaiod dper per talefignum vet át fiedl; and his will de Debit° vet fore as faith : His will as it is the praceptum levee ad in- Fountain of Nature, and as it is the fountain of Moralityor Right: Oc tentionempratipientis : Et ßc Temper impletur. Nam hiswill of NaturalEvents andhis Lam. pertale preceptum fzgne$: 3 a7. Thisdiftinétion is of Greater and more Necefl'aryufe to us than cátur alzquid debere ,Ferc anyof the reit ; yea fo great that it is included in the firft principle of d Creature : dr ira eft : Y Y Aliter tale fignum non effet Religion and morality; and is underftood ( diftin sly or more darkly, vérum. 2...tod ztafouet but really ) by allChriftians and moral agents. fiat field per tale prace- ptum frgnatur debere fiers : 328. The&lintEon is £etcht from the objec`is : The common object el, non PA", impletnr of theone being Nature as fisch, and of the other Debituns or fus as Pet. de Alliaco r. q r4 such. F. 329. As Gods will de Naturalibus is his Bensplacitum ; and the ef- felts of it are the fsgna fubfequentia, and prophefie a prognofick of the effeét ; fo Gods will de Debito is 'his Beneplacttum, signified by his Lam and judgement. 33o. Though the word [Lam] be ufually taken snorenarrowly for on- Iy [statute eminent Laws] yet I here take it generally ; And it is EThe Governing will of a Reltor fsgnifted, constituting or confirming Right ( or Duenef ) from and to the Soebfett; or 4 Retors constitutive Determination of Right ; or, The fige of a Reltors will conflituting Right.] 331. God being moil Great and Wife and Good, and mans Crea- I. situp Divine voilures tor, and thence our Abfolute fupream .Reélor, his Will muff needs be to genere aaufa eft cienris the fountain of all Morality and Right. eIS prima effilant caafa, 332. It is not the will in it felf that is a Law, nor loth any Im- ft ipso in mere Legit ob- a/t oblige us or cana te Duty: But it is Gods will as knifed. ligantú eft prima Lex sea g r Iregula. 2. sitar devina And therefore Lex aternai á improper peech. .volumes e2 etfeciens- causa Tilenua qui vataligned 333' and others who think it fitter onl y to diftin g ulfh ltd elfe vil fiers : fit ipfa eft aexow- Deus ipfe volt facere, á nabis volt fieri, do but hide and not 5050010 quia vu12 alequid open the truth : For the terms fcem to exprefs the Event in both, and ad dalq aliter tiffe vil nnn diftinguifh not of Event and Duty. Whereas if God walled the Event of tiffe tlei ri. sert ns ° voluntaa eft tex perf¢itil what he commandeth us, as he doth of what he effeíteth, it would be lma rationalis crearur done. And.he doth alfoby his Abfölute Decree Will many things to be fia Lax Cbrrfti vet do- Y Y m ¿trim eft fignum perfectif- done by air, which his Law commandeth not. Such as are many meer 1Va- fimum votunta20 dívzna. tarai anions, quai á nabis volt fieri. ten. Altiac Cmer. "° t. Morality being but Modality and Relation of Natural Entities; Sent.yrincip. 334 y g y r. Volants, Dei figni nnn the Acis or Habits themfelves commanded and forbidden are quid Na- femper imptetar. 2. Vp- turtle in themfelves confidered, and fo' far are under Gods will de natsa- L,ntat beneplaciti entire- dens, non fever iup[etir. rabble ; But it is only the Debitum or fus thatis conftituted by his Le- 3. rolantae beneplaüti áJ` Í patine Weil. e°nfequsns fempn' impl¢tur. I'robebztzo Det nnn fignat 335. Though Gods will de Naturalibus muff operate by real efficient Deum Natte efficaaiesril-.tif yet his will de Debito effelteth by meer fagnifscation or notification lydfiers pod probibet fa- to the sub eét. cri. Idem r. q.44. F. 1 De praceptodaprohibitions 336. Legem facere vel fignum dare is an a& of Gods will de quo; fatit palet quad gxilibet 'dan naturali vel eventu : ( For the fignum is aliquid naturale.) But finirait fe conformare uni- verfaliter tali P°luntati - -- per fignum facere fus is that which is proper to the Governing or Legal s,gpieri oblegationem, non will. eft proprie loquendo Ono, obligati°nit active ; fed 337. If we will denominate Gods will here ab origine, It is, t. An- toreri ad implendum cfi tetedent to the Creature, (fuppofed ;) And that is his Creating will. ¢i,ù y¡eft,u. Idem ib. c 2. Su o zng the Creature in Being; and that is, i. His will as Propri- etary PPf o P and Alcorof all things And that is his Moving and Difjtofing will, , of