Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .B397 1675

Photo Engraving: Richard Baxter 6
Title Page: Richard Baxter's Catholick Theologie: Plain, Pure, Peaceable for Pacification of the Doomatical Word-Warriours - in Three Books 7
The Preface, Against Clergie Mens Contentions, and Church-distracting Controversies 15
Catholick Theologie: The First Book - Pacifying Principles 43
The First Part: Of the Nature, Relations, Knowledge and Decrees of God: and of Free-Will and Providence 45
The Contents 47
The Second Part of God's Government, and Moral Works. 187
The Contents 189
The Third Part: Of God's Gracious Operations on Mans Soul; Their Difference, and the Operations of Mans Will 319
The Contents 321
Catholick Theology: The Second Book 443
The Contents of the Second Book 445