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and Decreesof qod, &c.. ceptus Brit alter ipforum vel ambo: Ideo- non .niror g in hat alrijma materia non pof rum per rations b folutiones fatisfaccre mihi ipf.] 511. To proceed in the application, *Reprobation is commonly looked. a 3a(gueez hi I. 3. at in the two molt notable parts (as called, ) r. Gods.Reprobatángmen anta T"nnmifli sat ram to unbelief and impenitency ; 2. His Reprobating men to final damn- fevere bay; jiq mnr npi- tian. The laft offthefe allo is confidered in the execution, i. As-Pri- vative. rianem ,a alhrmznr, eun demardinrxljirMp Deuin a. As Po/itive, called Palmdarnni , fenfus. And both (efpe- in reprabario.xe quern i,i dally the Privative part) are confiderable, 1. As executed by man him- prRdeptnaetone unit fiat. ut ame=ifapeeca- felf on himfelf freely. 2. Or as executed by God: Concerning, each of to ¡dla f.4a Yotunrare de- ihefeObfeCVe, cr'e"erit quofdam à rezno eoelorúmexcluders, lice[ nort 5 i Z. I. Not to Believe and Repent is no realentity : And not to Give ad pxnam fenßu de,tina- faith and Repentance (as isfaid) is no real entity : And to Permit In viral. Detnde guns delit and Impenitency is no real entity ( as is proved : ) And not toDe vault excluders ptrmijzrir ee the Givingof faith, and the hindering of unbelief is nothing : And rioáeaut peasa excluderzti (molt clearly) befides thefe four nothings, nothing can be proved either Ëe o fet dceveat. ab bat exitent or needful. All that cometh to pals, will come to país without ¡erent a differr"colas, ar any more ado. Therefore. su. r. A.41. affzrir in 513. As far as any mortal man can prove God bath no fuck Ac7 of nea dupfieem ell¢ rcepraba- tianem ; adteram vocal Reprobationat all, as is, I. Either a Decree that a man (ball not even- p,lntrivam, atreram pr- cually Repent. 2. Or aDecree not to give him Repentance. 3. Or a miwam- Pt panirivx Decree to Permit his Impenitence. 4. Nor can we' prove an after nit- far pe tx îa am fuPe ,ionof his own former non Volition which is afferted, by Scotus. But the rermi vx Han dart three firft we have great reafon to lay by ; and fo not only to fay as pirmi atuquiabquod hPmn Davenant that this part of Reprobation is an ,Alf negative, quoad ab- Ham pzeearum, nuua ex jeaum,, but that it is no Act, and there is noother Reprobation as to arias dur aafa buiva enim foatlum e nitirur se this pact fave, I. Gods not decreeing to give faith; z. And hasnotgivSemis eaaafam negare tng it. Hint ordinem brine inmeme 514. 2. And as to Damnation, fo much of it as confifteth in fn it atb ¿na g,i m f (ere. r felf, Godno otherwife taufeth than as he doth all fin, which is properly, aalfotes, corduba,&c. not at all ; It being but the A6 as an act whichhe caufeth as the Gaufe oblu t Bradward. rr vritiones ut eclipfes, mars, ofNature, and not as finfully qualified : and fo no more decreeth this . t, babinr yoftivás chan other fin. To which what .I 515. And molt men little think how much ofdamnation lyeth in fin -have Caía is a fitffciene auCwer. Ana a.. Somme it fell, and the privativeconfequents which needno other caufe. 1. To times they hay not ; be ignorant of God and Oooduefs. . To be void. of the Love of God but arc m,1e ceTneÿnet andHolinefs, and Holy perlons, and all the Holy employment of Heaven, ver hate a pofiúve eh- 3: To be therebyvoid of all the Delights of Holy ones, which confift in dent ofdtemfeives, {£or i'uch Knowledge, Love and Employment, Praire, Obedience, and holy úcaovtgSanpofitnearé Communion. 4. Tpbe uncapable of the Reception of Divine compla- mover .of the caufe óe cency; ashe that maketh himfelf :blind isuncapable of the light, or he zsä¢ÿr iá eorrañ n that maketh himfelf unlovely is uncapable of immediate Love. 5. To terpo£cr or hinaeter ¢£ be defiled and clifeafed with all. kind of finful lofts, and malignity, and the collation a of it, A t made like the Devil. 6. To have all forts 9f Lofts in violence when deattght no caúfe two they can have no fewel ór fatisfaelion, and fo tobe tormented with thefe that which ceafeth tie lulls. To haveextream feljfhnefsandPride, when they have cart them- 'If's' life. fclves into the utmoft fhame and mifery. 7. To fee that no Creature tan deliver them, and to deCpair of ever beingbetter, as having no hope from God or any other. 8. To fee or know that others enjoy the Glory and everlafting felicity which they haveloft. g. To think how eally+ once they might have attained it ; and how it was offered freely to their choice. 1 o. To think of all the felicitations of mercy that importuned them, andall the time andmeans theyhad. 11. To think fox howbale a vanity they loft it, and that mifery was their wilful choice. 1 a. To M be