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and Decrees of god, &c. 97 Agra. The .firft is only aProphefle, and a penal effeel , of fin, and no- thing of Gods Willing or Canting fin. And fo is the fecond : Though God can fend allliéters by the wayes before mentioned, without willing their fin. Thethird fpeaketh only of a penal -vermillion of fa. And the reft all fpeak only of Gods penal permiffion of the fin, and his de- creeing and foretelling the effe&s of at, and his occafioning the finder to take one finful object (not as fucb, but ) rather than another. 603. As the Wiidhath its natural courfe, and fo bath the Water, and theMiller Caufeth neither of them, but fuppofng them, doily fo fet his Mill toWind andWater that by the meer receptive qualification of the patient, they f 1 hall fulfil his will, and he is theCaufe of the effe viz. » Evena4afi. in r The. q. that they turn his Mill and grind his Corn : fo is it eafie. for God to ute 23.4 49.4%8. pig. 758. tens fins ( permitted ) to his ends without willing them *. faith that Ofmens [ non 604. Next the Dolor cometh with Reafons : And the firft is, he- Cauerevataccide cod is Cauca per aceidens, ut . caufe t Permifflon is a fignof willingnefas well as command : And what removens prohibens , dun is permitted (and that for good ) infallibly cometh to pats, negat auxilium efflux congrnum. But this is .4arw. All this is before confuted: * It's falfe that nonimpedire effi- butacontroverfie about crlciter is a fign that one wills the thing. Thelçing that only'forbiddeth a Logical home_ [cafz per acamt ] which ors drunkennefs or murder by a Law with penalties, could alto lock up, or Phi' and many others ward, fomemen, and effectually keep them from the fin. And dotli the do with as good reafon will it becaufe he loth not foe And it'Sfalfechat all cometh topal?, that deny to be nica- p ./2 ble to God, as eo mans is not hindered. fin. . 605 His fecond argument is fpoken very plainly and grofly,, viz. t pet. Alliac. Cam. r. q. 4. Á. [SetandumBxad- Both tdes1 canfeßthat the fubflrate act is done, God not only willing it, ward. er alias qui teneur but ejcrlint it, v. g. Abfalomr conQref' with his Fathers Concubines : Pod Deus volt malaculpa, dquedreteitu cujuflibet Tea not only the coytgreßas an exercofed imperate atf, brit that the Doli- rei halai Yeue s'il neue, tien of congreß, the internal elicit¢ alit was efficiently and Principally of nee habet felon don velle; God : why then fbóuld it be denyed that the very evil anddeformit of Deis iva mad° non per- f mittàt ma[a clalpæ fieri ; the as was done, God willing it, thoughnot effeciïng it, or any wayfail- fed idea fecúndum bun;ma ing ofhis dot) ? Efpeciallÿ when.the Malice and Deformity, doth necefa- dum decirnr permitter¢, 'a non oily follow the fubflrate all, in re led of the Creature though not of impedit eaa i campaec God:] fed fecundum Megl- An(w. Hobbes could delire little more. But we vehemently denythat lusn Deua permàttàt ea, quàa net vudt ea fieri net the fubfirate act is of God as it is morally fpecified, that is, as it is c- volt ea non fieri; quia R ercifed on this forbidden objecví rather than another lawful one ex parie naGer nan fieront, fedfelon ¢le' entis : Goddid not as a rinci pal efficient caufe Alo glom to willthat qua anon : et per tan¡e- g P P .f quens non .h. abet ;Sum"vo- Congrefs with his Fathers Concubines, nor to Ail it. The nature of the Inseam re¡pelru boi good Wind and Water, and God as the Caufeof Nature, caufe the wind and seii;l :=1.7,1;0 ` (t water to ail, and to ad as they do, on their own part : But that they ,ñhain ldho f a7hooll.. turn this wheel and milftone, and run in this Channel rather than ano- 2: iVeendkn quad nan eb. they, is longof the Miller. Abfalom's Mottis qua Maus, and qua cupido (ignnm quad Deru velie . ordinata, was natural from God : but not as ailed liic & none towards iGudquodpermittàtur; fed this object: And the Reception of the Act by that Objeiì: fuppofing his étàcirurlitauud gnadexeo loft andaction, might be morally and penally fromGod. Alliaco r. q. i4. A. 606. If you here bring forth the common Medufee's head, and tell Czpyt;nmip abili , nepoa- me, that It is injurious to God that his ail be determinable by a Creature, fuliy, fed indulger : & ta- and fo dependent; I confidently anfwer you for God, I. No man is in- iblermàf/ào.ell Ágno'nvir lone ate Dei : quea aU- jurious to himfelf : And God did not wrong himfelf, when by making queue al/ami:gnificee inf:e aCreature with free Pelfdetermining Power, he refolved fo far ( parti- per ipnme,,,& to can pæ 2. Permittitfieri quianet habet Ville, nee haben note, fedfolum non Villeut feat t at talis Permi o non ell fignumDiving Volantata quidmaim atrum Yolendi fegnifrcat infie permittente: dri /emodofecundan Nag. Douapermittit malaculpe. s If hereally hold with Brad. nerd. 17. 1. 033. that God willeth allthat he permitteth, why is it denyed that he willeth the formate peccati as much as the he materiale, Peeing ppermitteth it ? But hiscitation ofBradwardine I think not my felfobliged toregard ; nor do I content any more to that doftrine inBradwardine than in him. SeeAlliane before of Bradward. ally) . i .