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THE REFACE5 AGAINST CLERG IL~' MENS ContentionS; A N D Church-diíIraúing Controverfies. HAT the Churches of Chrilt are 'dolefully tempted and diltraé}edby Divifions, no man will deny that knoweth them : That the Clergie is not only greatly culpable herein, but the chief caufe, cannot be hid. But which part of the Clergie it is, and what be their dividing Errors and Crimes, and how they fhould be cured , is indeed eafe for the truly faithful and impartial Spectators to perceive, but exceeding hard (as experience tells us)to make the Guilty throughly know,and harder to do much effeé ually for the cure. For the errorand tin which is the true caufe, is its own defence, and repellethand fru- ftrateth thé Remedies. And To each party layeth it from themfelves, on others, andhate all that aecufe them, whilé. they are the fharpeft (and perhaps molt unjult ) accufers of the refl. I (hall here freely tell the Reader the Hiflory of my own Conceptions of thefe matters, and then my. prefent (a) thoughts