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and Decree' of clod, (3cc. 164 repents of Crucifixion to Gods will; which is his miftake : It is Gruci, fixion it fell pafvè fümpt4 Which they afcribe to it ('dale of them at leaft.) And let meo too wile aainft Godderide it. as much as they will; God can will and Love that be Crucified;:andyet hateand not will the will and act of the Crucifiers; but only forefec it, as aforefaid. And let then jeer Godas Idle or alleep, if he neither will nor effthtually nil' the fin; we will believe it to be his perfe&iòttandliberty;'Which they fo `deride. 2. And whereas he-addeth that Active Verbs are :üfed as Gen. 45. Mi/it me Dear, Ifa. .53. Dents voluit elfin- conterere, -Zech. r 3. Egon percatidm Paftorena-: and God delivered Chrilt to death an fiver; It is too too grofs to perfwade us - hence anyof thefe =Texts fay that God yrilleth the fìnners will or ,.4/I. [God fend nine] fpeaketh Gods a[t, that is, his difpofal of the effeas and confegüents of them Bùt doth this lignifie, [God willedyew maltcë'or your áct? ] God did brui(è Chr which frgnifieth that he was a concaufe of '-his death but- not that Il:é willedor Caufed the Jews to roil/o4s act hisdeath. And fo.of the rat. 629. The cell of his inftance's arc fuch as I have anfwered before,' Or as theformer anfwers fully invalidate ; And therefore I will not weary it y fell and theReader them. 63o. cap. r8. p. 2.36. he afferteth, that--(,Sin is a Medium to Gods Glory, and that not peruccidons but per (é. " Becaufe fin by how much tbd worfe it is in genere mali inhonefli, y fo much the better end fittesi means it is, ingenere boni atilis- & condùcibilis to Gods glory, be.] Ali which I have before conftited : and think riot his defence of it worth ré= pealing. 631. Many affections he bath cap. 18. which all depend on the fan fuppofition that Sin is a medium per fe of Gods glory, and the unproved fuppofition that God pofitively willeth' the Periin:00nof it ( which is fib- thing : ) whence he inferreth that God Intendeth it in this and that order; and much other vanity. And 1hll they confound fin in elfe reali which is no medium, with fin in effe objeltivo which may be a part of liolinefs, and nofin at all. 632. cap. 19. he argueth, God ufeth men and devils in the very ae of fanning as his inftruments, viz. to pitnifh, tò try, to humble, &c. ergo, he willeth the event that they fin. RI. Here is deceitful ambiguity in the words [inffrurüents] and tufeth.] Properly an Inftrument is an efficientcaufe moved by theprin- cipal to an effeét above its proper virtue. And foafiriiler in and by the A6tof finning is no Inftrument of God. For God moveth him not td that Aét as fpecified or circiimftantiatedfo as is prohibited ; And being not at all fo moved by him (as David to murder Uri4, and to vitiate into Wife) he is not properly thus his Inftrument. But fometimes the word Inftrument fignifieth a prefuppoied Agent, whole Aétion another tali improve to his own ends : As the windand mater are improperly called the Millers Inftrumencs of turning his Mill - and the fpring and poifd are the Clock, makers Inftruments of moving his Clock or Watch; and a Ma(tiff Doc, is my Inftrument to keep away Thieves and a Grey-; hound is ray Inftrument to kill a Hare, and a Ferret to catch a Rabbet; and a Hawke to catch a Partridge, &c. And yet we caufe not at all the Natureor Motion of the Wind, or Water (but we canhinder the. Water,), nor the nifus of the fprinw; northe gravitationof thepoile (. but let the re=- cipients fo as that the effeft'Ball be done as we would have it :) nor caufe we the fiercenefsof theMiltiff, the inclination or motion of the greyhound,- ferret, hawk, &c. but only lye them up and let them loofe as our ends re-, P ÿ quire.