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The `l'reface. demption, againfl two antient Minfflers in Coventry ( Mr. Cra= dock andMr. Diamond ) that were for it. But thete new no- tions culled me to new thoughts : which clearly !hewedme the difference between Cbr /s part and Mans, the Covenant of Innocency with its required q(ighteoufneß, and the Covenant of Grace with its required and imputed righteoufneß : I hadnever read oneSocinian, nor much of anyArminians ; but I laidby prejudice, and I went to the Scripture; where its whole cur- rent, but efpeciallyMatth.2.5. did quickly fatisfie me in the Do&rine of Juftification: and I remembred two or three things in Dr. Twe (whom I moft efleemed) which in- clined me to moderation in the five Articles: i. That he every where profeffeth, that Chrifi fo far dyed for all, as to purchafe them Juflification and Salvation conditionally to be given them, if theybelieve. i. That he reducethall the Decrees to two ,de fine ér de mediis,as the healing way. 3. That he profeffeth, that Arminius and we and all the Schoolmen are agreed, that there is no necefity corfequentis laid on us by God in Predeflination, but onlynece/3ity confequentie or Logical ( but in Elelion I fhall here fufpend. ) 4. That the Ratio Peatus in our Original Sin, is fir$ founded in our Natural 'propagation from .Adam, and but fecondarily from the po- fitive Covenant ofGod. 5. That Faith is but Caufa diJpof tiva 7uflificationis, and fo is Repentance. Thefe and fuch things more I eafilier received from him, than I could have done from another : But his Do&rine of 1ermßion and Predeter. onination, and Caufa Mali, quickly frightned me from aífent. And though Camero's moderation and great clearnefs took much with me, I loon perceived that his Refolving the caufe of fin into neceffitating objects and temptations, laid it as muchonGod (in another way) as the Predeterminants do. And I found all godly mens Prayers and Sermons run quite in another Efrain, when they chofe not the Contro- verfie as pre- engaged. In this cafe I wrote my flrPt Book calledApl,orifms ofJufi= fication and the Covenants, &c. And being young, and unexer- cifed in writing, and my thoughts yet undigefled, I put into it many uncautelous words (as young Writers ufe to do,) though I think themain dotrineof it found. I intended it only againfi the .Antinomians; But it founded as new and orange tomany. Upon whofediffent or doubtings, I print- ed my delire of my friends Animadverfions, and myJu/pens Dion of the Book, as not ownedby me, nor any more to be printed,.