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13o Ofthe .?1(tture, Inon'leclge, Irll "be, not as Gods tit is abfoleatecÿ confidered, for fo it is his efiencethat "bath no caufe; but as terminated on the Creature.] 696. Pag. 7. he himfelf profellèth, that when the Proteftants fay that [ "on the part of the Predeftinate there is not Co much as any meritori- "ous Caufe, Difpofition or Condition, they fpeak but the common opi- cenionof all theScheel Doctors, taking it properly and in Scripture feme. And what Montague and the.4rminians fpeak of forefight , hedifown- eth, as Contrary toPaul, 4uguft. Aguín. n . p. q. 23. a. 5, Òc. .Seotus, Brad. svardilte, Eflius, smifings, Idea, he rejeheth Abbot yoachim who denying any Caafe of predeflination in God, yet affèrted a caufe of it by an aptitude in the Predeflinate and the Reprobate , one beingforemeen more huinble and prepared for Grace¡ and the other more proud and Ruiz de Przdefia: tr. 2. unprepared]-peg, 5, 6, difp.6. fed. 2 p.86,87. Deus pro finbeneplacitode- 697.. Yea (ordering Gods Decrees after the ufual prefumption ) he aevitabla'berao eftinner afferteth, " that God fiat intended) our bleffednefs as the end, beforehe cc bonefaspriusrationsquam "do us grace, faith, &c, as the means : And therefore cannot itlas(pravideret ,t abfo- d it for forefeen faith, cp'c. Yea; that hefirft decreed to giveus blef- fuuibiliterfequitutandeaberi «fednefs, before he decreed to create. us, as Scotus3. d 7, árid Ovando arbitrii operatic ( near- "ibid. q. 3. a. z. Yea, thatGod milleth all this; before he knotveth that. (itate Lonfequentia : ) ir. will be, as Scotus I. d. 3,9. And that teeing all Gods Volitions of Pag. 8n: i.Striptnra f- !t "giving any good, don,fant7tiarem grand- g o Y ,are free,: without any precÉdent Caufe in man; it libet diferdmen fanílorum mull needs be that the Decree ofglory andnot ofglace only, mutt be a reprobic; eaten ad ec without Merit. And he concluded) p. r3'; that they have no quarrel ele honem g'ratuitam 2.Ex vifortis, &C. 3.Di- " here with the Doétrineof the Articles of the ChurchofEngland. vino elenn,, ebfgne eft me- 693. Probl. 3. he refolveth with smifings that the reafon why this rltts Laufa Oa dif- > cern;t jafta, ab kph.. abfolute decree ofGod confifteth with free-will, is-becaule that God doth mva (n) ribei'nm not only decree the event, but alfo themode, that it fhall be freely done :' arvitrOKm ftecXndarid And therefore his deer y Laufa fetpfunt afcernens; ee sloth only eonfift with Libert , but make(h' qua malt reffere -..el it nccefJary. 1ee. frmar : Hat ramtn 699. His feigned order of thedecrees is ag. z . that L c r, Coddecree- rabere arG¡tria Lazar aria- eL P 7 .er,ocátur in `, min eth to glorifie, 2. Togive grace and merits to obtain it, and that deft prirnariam canfam (n iter cc nitively : 3. Then he forefeeth that they will concurr with grace. pr.rA.ehnientwn. Et Tr, 3. Lc TI enhe decreeth the execution,. that glory flail begiven them by the d. t8. fe8. > p. z. `É ... 6 Fa merits nehel objnnt "means of their operations. tanquatati grant q: =a- And ofRe robation ; "i.ThatGodeffedìuall decreeth to do fomuch ranquam ex prima radian zc p y naftentnr ex prima'grati,, as he. cloth, on his part to give them glory ; z. And allo fo far to give data 44.1" 'die pr'arfOS "theist grace, g. Tl-ten he forefeeth that they will not co-operate with merit° : ittamen guodli- bet etiamlevifti cc mum & re- that grace; 4. He decreeth to permit them to fall into fin; 5. And motiffmam mer'itam de cr then decreed) theirdarnnation, ] I would not cite this man if hewere Lang)'Ka f extliÒnafLtlXY prima grotto, vet propter a Thom . orDoiriinisasr ; (who are known to go higher than the Synod is datar, o efe qd ddddd - of Dort,, though their reputation. at. home with their party tempt them* den' p. 213. ronditto, earl. at the gala n s :) But as he is a scetift, and fo of a middle prafel= ratio, vel occ,,fio pro f/' ton. -(-Though Dr. Tmi/fe perceived howmuch their foundingGods fore- frparata i merit°, im etra- tione dr difpafitione, adhuc :knolyledge in his Volitions, advantaged him, reingna;et (prima ) gra- 700.. Surporng you to remember the ordo fignoram of his Mailer Seo.. ria : queniane adhuc ma- NS before cited, 'I adjoyn. the arder Dot-to-is illuminati ( viz. Franc. neret debirum con.atu ali- raus, gKamvts akaA- n, Mayronir) in li.fe.:a. 4t. qß;.4. Sum:gaaati or figna: "Eft ergoprimula bitum: obfegsii, c' in gun Judas ¿o' Petras o ferunturyöluntatiDinner ut neutri : & ramp "VoluntasDivina 'loriam: nullum extern aciumpo- "fitivum habuit circa 7ndam, fecundtam/Auguflïnum. secundumftgnumejf "in quo ordinavit Petram adgratiam: 6- time circa 3udammillion aliunt cC pofitivuni babtçit Tertiunk fignum.eftin quo relinguunturfzbi ipfisa c`uterque cadit ire,pe ;catum, rigrtum fignana' eft in quo Petra! recur- ;egiti