Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .B397 1675

136 Of the Nature, Knowledge, Will, &c. 2. That they will but read over Pavenants two differtations, and the fecondTome (at lean) of theLearned Dallæus hisApology againft span_ hernias, that is, The words of an hundred and twenty ancientWriters and Councils; beginning at e%raens, &mamms, and ending with Theophylalt, and lixty three Proteftant Divines and Synods (to which I think I could add as many more, that fpeak more plainly to the point; or near it. ) And if after all this they bave fo groat a zeal to contra l the Glory of Gods Mercy, anddeny hi, Grace, . as that they will catt off the judge, ment of all the antient Churches of Chrift, and fo many later,rather than acknowledge it, I (hall ceafe difputingwiththem, and feek to quench the fire which they kindle in the Churchesofguilt byPrayers andTears The -End of the Firil Part.