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SThe`3ré`ce._ And if you Confider thefe things following, you will no wonder that mifakenGodlinef fhouldcaufe divifions : I. Lloliq and Gods Love orwell-pleafednefswith man; is the bell thing in this world, or that man is capable of And therefore is moil Defi eable, and moll Honourable. 2. Therefore all good men prefer it before all other things ; And are juflly more averle to any thing that is againf1 it, than to anyworldly lofs or fuffering. 3. Yea it is Gods Intereft more than their own : And all goodmen are again$ all that difpleafeth God, fo far as it is known. 4. We all know but in part, and as in a glafs and darkly : Even the moll of Teachers take abundance of things for True and Good that are Falfe and Evil, and for Palle and Dad which areTrue andGood; Much more are Godly vulgar peo- ple ignorant, and conleduentlyerre in many things. Even they thatcryout againfl the vulgar Ignorance, and inluffii- cient Teachers, know far leis than they are Ignorant of themfelves. q. He that miflakingly thinks any thing is Good ox bad; Duty or sin, which is not fo, will be zealous in purfuit of his miflake,.if he be ferious for God : A good principle will hallenhim on in a wrongway, whatever it colt him. 6. ignorance and timeroufnefs caute /uperftition, which iS a conceit that God is pleafed by overdoing in externalthings, and obfervances and laws of their own making S and fo they that make part of their .own. Religion fuperflitioufl}i (as moll good people do in Tome things through ig+ norance,) will cenfure all others as Goodor bad, by the urea+ lure of their own millakes. 7. He that thus miflakingly thinks that men fin when they do not, will have a proportionable diflike of them; and averfation from them : Andwill be ready to fpeak as he thinks of them, and fo will be guilty of calumny, and calling,Evil Good, and Good Evil. 8..TheWorld will abound (till with real evil and (can- dais; And all parties will be faulty : And ulually the greater part of the Clergie in the Chriflian World will be guilty of fo much - Ignorance, pride, contentioufnefs, "world - lineis and fenfuality, as will greatlygrieve and offend good people. And this will occafion alienation and feparations even with Godly perlons : The facrifice of the Lord was abhorred through the fins of Eli's Eons : The cafe of the Clergie