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The Preface. 9. The carnal Clergie will ufually hate and. perfecute Godlyzealous Preachers : (As even the cafe of Ph. Nerius and Baronies at ome fhewethi,which had almoft made di- fturbance :) And thenfufferings will be a ftronger tempta- tion to hard thoughts and toomuch alienation than molt are ablewell to overcome. to. And the Godly people will adhere to their Godly fuffering Teachers, and run further in bitternefs againft the carnal and perfecuting party, than their fuffering Leaders do defire. n. Yet interefland temptations will prevail with too many of the fufferers to connive at the bitternefs and alienation of the people, (if not to countenance it,) which they donot ju. flifre : And fo the rupture will grow fill greater. I a. And all men have fome Pride : And Godline f being the heft thing may become the objeó of Pride as well as (knowledge and Power. And fo many will affeó to have their Piety Con f jicuous, and therefore to be fingular or of fomefmall party that is eminent 9 and foby feparation toRand at a more confjücuous difiance from the vulgar fort of Chriflians, than Chrift would havethem : And fo many a good man hath more ofPride in his profeflion and feparation than he is aware of. t;. And becaufeGodsword, andhis late judgement, and Heaven andHell, do make fogreat a difference between the Godly and ungodly it occafioneth many to think that they muff difference men by their own cenfures and feparations farther than indeed they ought. 14. And it greatly promoteth Schifms that good people are unacquainted with Church=hißory, and know not how juff f tidy Opinions and Schi/ms as their ownhave in former ages rifen, and how they havemifcarryed and dyed, and what have been their fruits. i 5. And few men have that humble fence as they ought, of their own Ignorance and badneß, which would keep their furpicions and Cenfures more at home, and make them morecompafiionate to others. 16. And few love their Neighbours as themfelves , nor confider while they hate mens fin, what is lovely in their Matures andCapacities of grace. 17. And the Piety of' almoft all Setts of Chriflians on Earth is already corrupted with fo many humanefuperftitious ad. ' tirions, that few can efcape the temptation of Cenfuring ac- cordingly. (c) t8. And