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Catholick Theologie T'he Fir/I B00 .IÇ; P A C I F Y I N G PRINCIPLES ColleEèed from the common Notices of Na- ture, the certain Oracles ofG o D in the Holy Scriptures, and the common Confent of Chri$ians. For the RECONCILING OF THE CHURCH-DIVI- DING and DESTROYING CONTROVERSIES, elpecially about PREDESTINATION, PROVIDENCE, GRACE and FREE- WILL, REDEMPTION, JUSTIFICATION, FAITH, ME- RIT, WORKS, CERTAINTY OF SALVATION, PERSEVE- RANCE, and many others. In Three Parts. I. Of Gods Nature, Knowledge, Decrees (and Providence about Sin, with Mans Free- will, as the Objets of the former. ) II. Of Gods GOVERNMENT and MORAL Works. III. Of Gods Operations on Mans Soul. By RICHARD BAXTER, An earn& Defrrer of the UNITY, LOVE and PEACE of Chriftians ; For endeavouring of which, he expeEteth with relolved Patience, Iti11 to undergo the Cenfures, SlandersandCruelties, of I G N ORAN C E, PRIDE and MAL ICE from all that are poffeffed by the Wifdom and Zeal, which are from beneath, Earthly, Senfual and Devilifh, the Caufes of Confufion, and every evil work, James 3. r4, 15i r6. L0 .5CV0N., Printed by `Robert White, for .1Vfevi11 Simmons at the Princes Arms in St. Pawls Church-yard. MDC LXXV