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CONTENT& Hí17 X_nowledge of God is here to he ex- peeled, Pag. t. Sed. 2. ofvans soul as the Glair or- Image in whichGod muff befeen, p. g. See`%. 3. Thefederal inadequate C-ncepti.; ons which together make rip the mof{ exact and orderly Knowledge of God s P.4. Sc!. î 4. The Relations and Denominate- ins of Gods Adive Power, Knoracd7e and will, as to the Creatures, P.6. Sed. 5. Of Futurity, and the pretended Eternal Caufes of it, and Gods Knowledge o it, p.8: Sea. 6. Of the'Co-exiftence of the creature with God in Eternity, and ofGods Knowledge of them as exifientA p. 13. Seer. 7: of the prefuinptions and uncertainties ofmany Schólaf?ick Di fputesabout Gods Knowledge, which hule moderate our cenfures `of Diffenters in fach matters, and check our finical curiofttyt P. IS. Seth. 8. More of Gods knowing things future, and of Perme/on of fin, P24. sea.9. ofPredetermination, itniverfal castration, Hùmani Power, and the Nature ofLiberty ofwill: Doinguifhed in arable, p. 2 y. 'Sea. t o. OfNatural and MoralPower andImpotency: Theirdifference, P. 6. Sé&, tr. Mere ofthe fame ; andW-h tber&ît-blitd titan tö Imp báli- ties? P. 39 Se&. t z. ofScientia Media, P. 42. Se&. 13. of the will andDecrees ofGod ingeneral. Theirfimplicity and diverlity, fuppofed priority and pofterioritÿ: OfNegations, ofNaliti- onsandVolotoans pf egatives, &c. p 45 Sett. t4ï several difi niions of Gods will explained , I. Pofitivèacts, and non agency. 2. Poftive and Négative as to the objeil. 3. Pof- rive andOppofitive, Volitions and Nolitions. 4. Immanent and ?ran-, (lent, 5. Efficiently Tranfent and Objeilively Tranfent. 6. Natoaral andFree. 7. Efficient andPermrgive. 8. Beneplaciti & fignide even- to & de debito, Decretive andLegißative: where the true nature of Lases