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The Firfr Part OF THE NATURE , KNOWLEDGE WILL AN D DECREES of G O D, As far as is needful to the intended C O N C I L I A T I ON and CONCORD. SECT. Í. Ófoar Knowledge of God , as Here attainable: Hough -it be about theKnowledge, Will andDccrees of God, that our Controverfies are agitated, yet becaufe the cónfequeut Verities aré fcarce ever well under- flood,withóüt the underflándbigof the Antecedents,oùt of which theCori"egùents ante , and without the juff order, place and refpeét which the later have unto the former, and un!efs things be undérftood in their true Method ; Iwill therefore expofe my felf to the oblo- quy of chofe, who will call it Over doing, fo far as to premife fomewhat. of the Deity it fell ; But not what is neceffarÿ to the full explication of the Divine Attributes (as we are capable) asmutt be in a Methodof The- dlogie (which Ihave attempted elfewher ) ; but only fo much as lyeth under our Controverted Subject : AndwhenI hivedone chat, T (hall leave the refl. ?het. a. To Know the only trueGod -and Jefüs Chriff Whom he bath lent, is Life Eternal. a. Tot knowGOD is to know his Being, Nature, and Relations : For though thofe Relations that are to Man be not effential to hisDivine Ná- r"íare, yet are they effentially contained in the lignification of the name [GÖD] * John iq; 3: Bradtrard. 1. r. C. r r. p.. rgi. ThelirI neceftary incomplex Principle Is God, and the HI corn. plex "imply is ofGod, Dens eft, &c. But yet it is not to us the prima rognitum. t Exodus 204