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16 Ofthe 2s atisre, Knowledge; Will 'Amain in cdpreoi. Ie own Effence, andnot in themfelves, whichmutt needs be falfe, ifthe Clea- . dale. 35 tures arein themfelvesIntelligible : BecaufeGods per£e&ión importeth the knowledge of all that is intelligible. Vid. Rad. 11.1 Cont. 29. 164. Others, tell us on thecontrary, that God knoweth the Creatures ar. I. P. 452. only in themfelves andnot in his own Effence : But doubtlefs fo far as 8.dub a3.evatentp. . 5. they may be faid to be in his Effence, ( whichisat leaft Virtually) they are I. q.14. p. 3. Saar. de there intelligible. C. 2. 454. I o5.sectemwithhis followers hold that GodsÍntellet bath two Objeóts,: Rad. ib. P "453> 454 Pet. Alai. I. dí¡:.35. one Primary, immediate, and 'motive, by virtueofwhich all other thingsare, Lombard. I. d. e. Hoar. known and this is Gods Effence. The other fecondary, mediate, and X. d. 5..rEeid I. q..3. Greg.Arim.I. q. 2.Gabr. not motive, bat terminative, and fuch is the Creature ;" known only in I. q. 3.a. 3. Gods Effence, as per aliadprime cognitum in qao continetur, 6- non per Auk. tr. r. d. 5. d5 3 ro riam fpeciem. But here they are at the greateft lofs., Alarcon. I. p.diffi.z. c.3. j! p ÌÎQ Y g. &c. ,Grand. I. p. contr. 1 o6. For to theQueftion, Hew the creature is in God, their neceflary 2. tr. 3, 4. Ignorance bewrayeth it felf by their divifions.. It is agreed that all things were eternallyin God as in the firfï caufe virtually and eminently. But fay fome, The fame numerical perfe&ions are in God, as in the Creatures, viz. Infinitely in God, and finitely in the Creatures : But this makethGod and the Creature to be One, and deifieth Creatures. 107. This they are put to , for the folving of that great difficulty, whether God and thellniverfe conjunct contain more Entity or perfection intenfvely or extenwely than. God alone , and the Worlds Being add any Entity belides Deity s' 108. They that are for the Negative, judge it blafphemy to fay, that God alone is Eel's than God andthe World; For he feemethnot to be of InfiniteEntity to whom any thing can'beadded:, Thequeftion is not Whe- ther theWorld add anyDivine Being to God, but any, Being atall be fo fuperadded, as that God is made aPart of the Univerfe. And I confefs' that Parr, and toto minor, are words that I dare not apply to God. ubi fupr. p. 454>.455 I 09. On the other fide, faithRaga, Though Intenfively nothing is ad- So Bradwardine is hard ded toGod, yet Extenfavelywe mull fay;that entity and perfection in the !Lots.. his m stator o va fer u. r. Se e. i - Creature is fo added, as that God and the Creature are More than God p. 124. that faith, The alone becaafe,eife wemuff fay, either that God and the world are one number of things toGod or elfe that the world ioNothing, or hash. no Being ; which is falfe. is finite : and to finite foniewhatmaybeadded: e io. Who dare venture on either of there dangerous confequences; Ergo knowledge either thatGod is but a Part of Entity and Eel's than All, and fo not Infi- ( which drove Vafgarz nice ; or that theWorld is God or Nothing? If we fhould- fay, that the to afters Infinite intelli- Entity of the Creature being but Analogical Entity , is no Addition to groles.) But plainly Gcds knowledge is Infinite m Gods being, Ens non dicitar tlnivoce de Deo 6 Creatures ; as the scotifs knowing hrmfelf : nut deny the antecedent, fo it hardly fatisfieth the mind: Becaufe even this not as terminated on fi- AnalogicalEntity. iseeal pofitiveEntity, and not nothing: And therefore nice creatures. ìhöugh it addnot Deity, it feemeth to add Entity ; and both forts to be more than One alone. The witty Dr.Fairfax in .111.. And ifwefhould fay, that the world is an Accident ofGod, ( as tle worrld, faith It ali- amans hair is ofaman, fuppofing it were voluntarily Caufed by him); quid Dei ; and fo doall And that it is no imperfelion in God to have Accidents, as longas his men that confefs a God : E Jl is no Accident, nor Compounded; And fo that theWorld is no art and Pet. Hurtado and _ p many others prove that ofGod, Effentiah or Integral ; but being an Accident it is no Addition of ' ito t is have no dilhonReal Ror el tato ion Gosd Entity toGod.; Becaufe as the word[Man],or [Peter] includeth not only whichwe call Accidents, , his Parts, but his hair as an Accident, fo the word [God] may include as is afore noted. the worldas anAccident : This v ould be judgednovel, bold,prefumptuous, . and is not fully fatisfa/tory, had it no ill confequents. 1Iz The only way therefore is to confers our Ignorance, and that it muff needs be that the mind which cannot `comprehend Gods Immenfe Eternal