Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .B397 1675

RICHARD BAXTER'S Catholick Theologie PLAIIOT, PURE, PEACEABLE: PACIFICATI0N Of the DOGMATICAL WORD-WARRIOURS, Who, i. By contending about things unreveaied or not unìderfiood , 2. And by taking VERBAL differences for R EAL, and their arbitrary Notions for neceffàry sacred Truths, deceived and deceiving by Ambiguous unexplainedW O RD S, have long been the shame of the Chi c rigianReligion, a Scandal and hardning to unbelievers, the In- cendiaries, Dividers andDiftraéters of the Church, the òccafion of State Difcords and Wars, theCorrupters of the ChriftianFaith, and the Subverters of their Own Souls, and their followers, calling them to a blind Zeal, and Wrathful Warfare, againft truePiety, Love and Peace, and teaching them to cenfure, backbite, ílander, and pram againft each other, for things which they never underftood. In Ehree B00 I(S. I. PACIFYING PRINCIPLES,. about Gods Decrees , Fore Knowledge, Providence,Operations,Redemption, Grace , MansPower, Free-will, Juftification,Merits, Certainty of Salvation, Perfeverance, íf-c. I I. A PACIFYING PRAXIS or Dialogue, about the Five Articles, Juftifica- tion 6.c. Proving that men here contend almoft only about Ambiguous words, and ten- revealed things. III. PACIFYING DISPUTATIONS againftTome Rea/Errorswhich hinder Reconciliation, viz. About Phyfical Predetermination, Original Sin, the extent of Re- demption, Sufficient Grace, Imputation of Righteoufnefs, &c. Written chiefly forPofterit', when fad Expérience bath taught men to hate Theological Logical Wars, and to love, and feek, and call for Peace. (Ex Bello Pax. ) LO n(7)0AC, Printed 'oy `?obert White , for Nevi!' Simmons a the Princes Arras in St. Pauls Church-yard. MDCLXXV.