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Ofthe .Nature, I{no'ledge, Will SECT. VIII: More ofGods Fore-knowledge, andof Periniffton of Sin. 140. DUt to leave thisWildernefs, andffeak more of things certain, j p or fuch asbelong to us in ourmeafure to know : It is certainly unknown tomortals, formally, what knowledge is inGod (as is aforefaid), andmuchmore inwhat Mannerhe knoweth either Futures or Contingents, or any Creatures, exparte fcientts. 141. Ifanyparticular manner therefore or it felftoyour minds, as that which probably feemeth to be the right, itmay afford you reafon therefore to fufpeél that it is not the right : Becaufe it is certain that theManner is pall our reach. And what man can comprehend is infinitely below God. 142. If the Cafe of'WowSons, the Bethfbemites,Uzzah, lUzziah, and others that prefumed too boldly to meddle with holy Rituals and Ceremo- nies was fo dreadful ; what is theirs that profanely tofs Gods own Name, and pretend to know that of himfelf, which they know not, and turn his fecrets profanely into matter of Contention againft the Churches of Chrifl 143. Eicher Futurity as fuch, is Intelligible in it felf to God, orelfe the things future are Intelligible as in Eternity 9 or elfe futurity is intelligible only in its Caufes : We can think of no other way ( but God hathmore thanwe can think of. ) Ifit be Intelligible in it felf, or as things are In Eternity, the Controverfie is moffly ended : Theperfec`lion ofGods un- derflanding then is proof enough that he knoweth all that is intelligible. But if it be only in the Cables , it is either as thofe Cafes neceffarily rennorrus propngn t..3. c. will Caufe, or elfe as freely and contingently. The firft Caufe reacheth 11. n. i. noteth , that not our Controverfie : For finhath no neceJfitating Caufe, but free. The even the reconciling, of the certainty of Dlvinè fecund is the fame difficulty with that in queftion, viz. How God knoweth _pre-fcience with cumin, that a free undetermined Caufe ( mansWill) will this or thatway deter- gency, was quite part the power of mans under- mine it felf . Nothing is knowable tous as certain from an uncertainCaufe flanding in this life, in which bath no antecedent reafon to prove its future felf-determination to this theopinion of there rub- m Gabriel ...ore than to that. tile Sclioolmen, 1. d. 38. q. 1. a. 2. oe 144. If we go to the 7efuites scientia Media ( as it deferveth not that learn ibid.q. 1. Marll., fo) it is infufficient to thisufe. For all thofe circuniffances in which q,qo. Flowmuch more difficult win it hero re- God fore- knoweth that the will fhall determine it felf, are fuch as necef- conciletiodsDecrees,and ftrate thewill fo to do, ornot : If they fay the find, they give away their mutt of all his premóri- own caufe, and the caufe ofReligion (fpeaking,of finfulVolition ). If on ithlcontingency the latter, the cafe is 11111 as difficult ( and the tame) as if they had ne- Plainly an.'d honestly ver mentioned thofe circumflances or conditional knowledge : viz. How faith nture, in few words, n 1. a.31, q. 2. Godknoweth that awill dill free and not neceffitated will choofe fin ra- Pivina Cognitio Bela are ther than duty t' For from non-neceffitating circumllances it follow- nu Calera, net depender, elh not. idea Weft effe cerca de re coringenti. 145. If IN go the way ofScotus, and fay that he fore.knoweth it in the determination of bis own will de rerun: futuritione, either that will is fuppofed to be a caufing efficient will; or not ,f If it be, it reacheth not the cafe of fin, feeingGodswill doth caufenofin. But if not, then dill the difficulty is the fame as before, How God that wulleth the Event, but caufeth it nor, Bothknow that hisWill (hall bedone': For it is not from theCaufe to the Eft t. To fay that his own Immutability proveth it, is no proof For if his immutability Caufe not, the Effeál arileth not from it: And to fay that his Omnipotency or Abtolutenefs inferreth it, is no proof,