Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .B397 1675

Ofthe ,`71(.eiture,k,nondedge, Will by Gods withdrawing hisVital influx or fufientation, and it would have been as naturally.Impoflible for him not to fn, as to live without God. But if not fo, thenwhile Neceffary Grace, called fli cient, is continued, the withdrawing of any other inferreth not a neceffty of finning. But indeed it is an unprovedand improbable fi&ion, that God withdrew from Adair any Grace whichhe had given him, till Adam call it away. It is therefore no good Illation, Deus permittit aliquem peccare : ergo peccet : unlefsby permitting you mean withholdingnecefary help ; . which is more than proper permiffion. 153. Andit mull be remembred that God is tar 'from a total Fermi/Ran or non-impedition of fin : He alwayes hindereth it fo far as to forbid it to threatendamnationto affrightmen from it, topramife falvation and all fr.. licity to draw men from it : He tells menof the vanity of all which would allure them to it; And his dailymercies, and correélionsfhould withhold men from it. Only bydoingno more, nor effeciúallychanging orreflraining finners, but leavingthem to their on choice under all thefe moral refiraining means, hepermitteth fin. 154. But it is alfo confeffed, that when by great fin thefe means theta- felves are forfeited, fome of them are oft-times.withdrawn or not given And fo fome arewithout that Teaching, chofe mercies or chofe corre li= ons which others have : But yet they are{fill under a Law ofGrace. 155. And it is Rill fuppofedthat God as the frfi CaufeofNature, up= holdeth man in the Nature which hegávehim ; and concurreth with it as the firft Mover and Univerfal Caufe : And therefore that mans Inclination toFelicity, Truth and Goodnefs which is Natural, doch continue. Other wife it is confeffed, that Permiffion would inferr fn materially, but no fin formally, if by permiffion be meant Gods withdrawing Reafon, Free- will, or, executivepower. * Or Bradwardines Effe- 156 'But I eafily confefs, that if the Dominicans predetermining Pic- ture and oliodn asvneceail f motion * in nful adtions could be proved, that would certainly inferr the ry that cometh to pars. event of fin . And ifGoddecreed fo to pre-determine thewill, finmay be fore-known in that decree. And if Scatter or the red had beenof that mind, they had never omitted that cafe folution ofthe Cafe , How God fore-knoweth fin a But this Ihave elfewhere confuted, and fhali add a little here. t 57. But frII (having difproved .all thefe prefumptions of Gods war of fore- knowing future fin) I fha11 in a word tell you theanfwer which may and muff fatisfie us; whichis, [That Gods Underflanding is Infinite, and therefore extendeth by its own perfesltion unto all things intelligible ; But How his underflanding reacheth them, what Idea's he bath of them, how they are intelligibleto him, with frith like, arefnful prefumptuour queflioni ofblind men, whoknownot their own ignorance. And no manner of un- derftanding is properly Divine, which mortals cancomprehend. ] SECT