Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .B397 1675

I intreat the WRATHFUL, CONTEN- TIOUS, ZEALOUS DOGMATISTS confcientiouíis to Rudy thefe Texts ofScripture A TT H.2,8: r 9, 26. Go, Teach all Nations, Baptiz- ing them into the Name of the Father, and of theSon, andof the Holy Ghoft ; Teaching them to obferve all things whatfoever 1 have commanded you. Mar.i6.16ä He that believeth and ii Baptized ¡hall be. faved. Ads, r i. z6. The Difeiples were called Chriftians. z Cor. r 5. 1, ì 3, 4. .1 declare to you the Gofeel Which Ipreached toyou, Which alfo youhave received, and whereinye!land; by which alto ye are faved, ifye keep in memory what 1preached to you, . Milefs ye have believed in vain That Chrift dyedfor ourfins, --z and that he was boryed, andthat he ro(e again the thirdday s Tim. r. r 3. Hold fall the FORM of found words, which thou haft heard of me, inFAITH andLOVE which is inChr refus. i John 4. r5. whofoever!hall confers that Mu: is the Son of God, God . dwelleth inhim, and he in God. Rom. 16: 9, to. If thou confefi with thy Mouth the Lord fetus, and be litee in thyHeart that God bath raifed him from thedead, thou (halt be fäved : For with the Heart man believeth unto Righteoùfnefs) andwith the Mouth. confeffion is made to fálvation: Ails 8. 37. If thou believeft with all thyheart thou maift ( bebaptized)' Andhefail- - --I believe that JefusChrift is theSonofGod. Rom. 14.1.17, r 8, r 9. Him that isWeak in the Faith reieive, but not to doubtful difputations For the Kingdom ofGod is not meat and drink, butRighteoufnefs, Peace and fay in the Holy Giso fi : For he that in thefe things ferveth Chrift, osacceptable to God; and approved ofmen: Let us therefore follow after the things which make forpeace , and things wherewith one may edife another. Rom. 15. 5, 6, 7. Now the God ofpa- tience and confolation .grant you to be likeminded onetowards another(or; Mind the fame thing one with another) according to Chrift 7efus, That ye maywith one mind and one mouth glorifie God -wherefore Receiveye one anotheras chrift alfo receivedno, to the glory ofCod. r Tim. r. 3, 4i 5. Charge force that they teach NO OTHER doctrine; nor give heed to fables and endlcfs Genealogies, whichminifler Queflions, rather than godly edifying, which is in faith : Now theEndoftheCom- mandment is Charity, cut ofa pure heart and of a good tonfcience, and of faith unfeigned: From which force having Pickled, have turned . afide to vain janglings. i Titnó A 2