Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

5 2 Church-Hiflory ofBifhops and "were prone to reproach men, or would fwear by the name of God, or "were overtalkative, or prone to anger, or got gold and flyer, or were defiledwith fome fuch filth , which yet detrgt nothing from the juft , meafureof virtue.] '§. to: But as Goct made a good ufe ofthe falling out ofPaul andBarn fo he did of Audios his unhappy cafe. Being caft out of the Church, he took it tobe his duty to Communicate with his own party, and aBifhop that fuffered for th2 like, made him a Bifhop, and the Bifhops accufed hint to the Emperour, that he drew many people from the obedienceof the Church, and hereupon the Emperour banifhed him into Scythia. Dwel- ling there, he went into the inner parts of Gothia, and there inftrudaL many ofthe barbarous in the principles ofChriftianity, and gatheredma- ny Monalteries of them, who lived in great religious ftridnefs, p. 827. But it is hard to flop thort of extreams, when men are alienated by fcan- dal and violence : They came to fo great a diflike of the Bifhops of the common Churches, that they wouldnot pray withany man, how blamelefs foever, that did but hold Communion.with theChurch. Vranius a Bifhop andTome others j.oyningwith them, made Bifhops of the Goths. (Noteout of Epiphanitts, p. 827, 828. what Country wascalled Gothic in thofe times.) 1. It is not tobe pallover that at the Nicene Council, the first fpeak- er, andone ofthe chief againft the Arians, was Eufbathius BilhopofAntioch;. Andwhen Eufebius-Nie,gmed. was made Bifhop ofConfiantinop/e, he pretend- ed a delire to fee 7erufalim, and palling through Antioch fecretly hired a Whore to fwear, that Etifiathims was the Father of her child: and getting force Sifttops ofhis Faétion together, they judged. Etallathius to be depofed, as an Adulterer ; and got the Emperour to confent and banifh him : And after, the Woman in mifery, confeffedall, and laid, that it was one Etifba., thins aSmith, that was the father of herchild. x2. In 'Values's Coned. Nic. Bin. IN 332. this Eullathius is made the firit Difputeragainft a Philofopher : And whereas the great caufe of the Arians Errour was, that they could not, conceive how the Son could be of onefubflance with the Father, withoutapartition ofthat fubftance, Eullatbitts tells the Phi lofopher that took their part and urged, Faciamus hominem Imaginem, &c. that The Image of God-is fimple, and without all compofition, being- ofthe nature of fire : but he meaneth ,ffre but analogically:. S. 13. In the fame Rifanus, lib. 3. p. 34.5. Bin, the defcriptton of the. Church is, There is one Church in Heaven and Earth ; in this the Holy Ghoft refteth ; But Here sis that are without itare of Satan. Therefore the Pope was not then taken for the Head,of the Catholick,Church ; For he pre- tendeth not to be the Headofthem that are in Heaven. See what the Ca tholickChurch then was ! f. 14. Note that, s the Council of Nice nameth none Patriarchs.. 2. They null& the Ordination of fcandalous and uncapable men. Can.. 9. and so. Which will juftifie Pope Nicholas, forbidding an to take the MIS of a Fornicatiag Prieft, 3. That Rural Bifhops were then in nfe, and 441