Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. and allowed by the Council, Can. 8. 4. That no Bifhop was to remove from one Church toanother, Can. 55. (which Eufeb. Nicom. loon broke) . 5. Even in theAralnek, Canons the 4th: ft populo placebit, is a Condition of every Bifhops Eleftion., 6. The 5th Arab. Canon, in cafe of difcord a- mong the people, who shall be their Bifhop or Prieft, it is referred to the people to confider which is molt blamelefs : And noBifhop or Prieft mutt betaken into anothers place, if the former was blamelefs. (So that if Pa_ hors be wrongfullyaft out, the people mull not forfake them, nor re_ cehre the obtruded. ) 7. Thofe Ordained by Meletius were to be re, ceived into the Miniftry where others dyed, If by the fuffrage of the peo. ple theywere judged fit, and the Bifhop of Alex. defigned them. Sozom. 1. i. C. 23. §: r 5. XXXI. Thenext CouncilinBinnius (and in CrabsOrder) is fa idto beat Romeunder Sylvefier, with 275. Bifhops : But this is confefred to be partly falfe, if not all : And is the fame that is before mentioned; which ordered that no Bithop fhouldordain any Clerk nifi cam ornni aduna_ táEcclefiâ, But with all the Church united, or gathered into one : (Which Canon feemeth made when a Church was nomore than could meet to- gether, and when the People had a Negative Voice.)' But the Concil. Gangrenfe is Binnius's next (though Crab put afterward Come of the for ementioned alfo) Paid to be in Syivefters days ; (and. yet . Soaomen and force others,. fay that the Council of Nice was in yulie,r days, though mofe fay otherwife.) Here were fixteen Bifhops, who condem d force Errours of Eufiathiies of Armenia, or rather one Eura. lius, asin..thinks, who was too fevereagaintt Marriage, as if it were finful, and againft eating Flefh, and againít receiving the Sacrament at the Handsof a married.Prieft ;,_he made Servants equal with their .Ma Iters, he fet light by. Church- Affemblies, he drewWives to leave their Husbands for Continency, and on pretenceof Virginity defpifed married Perlons ; There fuperititions they here condemned.. S. 16. XXXII. An. 335, The Council at Tyre was held for the Tryal= ofAthanafius, where he was unjuftly condemned, and thereupon by Con- fiantine banithed, though his innocency was after cleared : Had not his - feverity againft the Meletians driven them tojóyn with the Arians againft him, Epiphanies faith, they had not been able tomake head thus againff;. him. Cenflanrines<Epiftle to the Alexandrian, lamenting and chiding them.' for their Difcords, is well worth the tranflating, but that I mutt not be fo tedious : See it Bin. p. 39.1. 4. 57. XXXIII. The next is a Council at 7erufalem .An. 335. where Arias Faith was tryed, approved, and he reftored to Alexandriaand the favour of Conflantine. The Creed`which he gave in, was this. Webelieve in one God the Father Almighty, and in the LordYef¡os Chrifi his Son, begotten ofhim before all Ages,' God, the Word, by whomall things were .made which are in Heaven and in Earth.:. Whacame down, andwas Incarnate, ana 53,