Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. 55 Can. 6, and 7. None fufpended by his own Bithop was to be received by another, nor any Stranger without Certificates. Can. 8. Country.. Priefts maynot writeCanonical Epiftles, but Rural Bifhopsmay. Can. p. No Bifhop muft'do any thing without the Metropolitane, fave what be- iongeth ( by Ordination and Guidance ) to his own Church. Can. to. Tough the rural Bifhops are confecrated as true Bifhops, yet they (hall only govern their own Churches, and Ordain fuch lower Ordersas they need, but not Ordain Presbyters or Deacons without the City-Bifhops, to wholil they are fubjed. Can. a 1. Cafteth out all Bifhops or other -Clergy-men, that go to the Prince without the Metropolitane's Counfèi or Letters. Can. 12. Depofed or filenced Minifters mutt not go to Prin- ces for relief, but appeal to a Synod. Can. 13. Bifhops mutt not go or ordáin in other Diocefs, unlefs fent for by.the Metropolitane ; elfe their Ordinations there to be null. Can. 15. A Bithop condemned ofall may not appeal. Can. 16. A vacant Bfhop leaping into a vacant Bilhoprick without aCouncil (the Metropolitane prefent) is to be ejelted, though all the people chufe him. Can. i7. Ifany Bifhopbe ordained to a Church, and refute or negledthe Office, let him beexcommunicate till he receive it. Can.18. Ifany Bifhop ordained- to a Parifh neglefk, it, becaufe the people will not receive him, let him enjoy the honour, and be heard in a full Synod. Can. 19. The Ordinationof a Bithop isnull, which is done without a Synod, and the Metropolitane. &a. S. 24. XXXV Ill. Another Council at Romeunder 7alins undid what this former did, and acquitted Arhanafaus, Marcellns, and other injured Bi- 'Ihops: ("perhaps En/tat/sins, faith Bin.) §. 25. XXXIX. Athanafee being fent backwhenGregory was pût in his . place, the City being ready to be in an uproar, Athanafus retired toRome (or hid himfelf) forefeeing it; till fire and blood hadproclaimed the Ca- lamityof this Epilèopal ftrife. And Pope 7u/ins called another Council "at Rome, to anfwer the Letters of the Oriental Synod, which,charged him with ufurpation and defpifed.him. S. 26. XL. Anno "i44. Another Council was held at Antioch, by thole called.Arians by Tome, Reconcilers by others, and Orthodox and Ca- tholicks by themfelves; in which they renounce Arius and his fayings, but yet leave out the word iteon [of one fuìblhance.] This theydid in a new-made Creed; fitted purpofely, as they laid, to reconcile; as o- thers, to deceive : Towhich end four had been made before, and not availed. §. 27. XL!. A Council at Milan examined this Creed, and rejected it, for leaving out [of the fame fubflanoe] and becaufe the Nicene Creed was fufficient. §. 28. XLII. The next is called au 17niverfal Council, of 376 Bifhops at Sardica, which cleared Athanafus, .Marcellus, and others. And yet Augnfßine, and many others, rejeli this Council. It bathdivers goodCa- sons, but one among them for Appeals to Rene; which three Popes urged