Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

54 Church-Mfioryof Bifhops and and Staffered, and Rofe again, and Afcended to the Heavens, andfltall comea. gain to Page the Living and the Dead And in the Holy Ghoft : TheRefisr= ration ofthe F6efh : The Life of the World to come, and the Kingdom of Hea- ven In one Catholick Church of God, extending iófelf from one end of the Earthunto the other. Arius with this, protefting ágainftsvain Subtilties and Controverfies, de- fireth theEmperour to accept of this as the Evangelical Faith ; and the Council and the Emperour receive him, as for the joyful reltoration of Unity and Peace, and fo would undo what was done at Nice. The Em- perour was fo greatly troubled at the continued divifions of the Bithops, that he was glad of any hope of Unity andPeace But this proved not: the way. 4. 18. XXXIV. An. 3 36. A Council was called at ConJfantinople ; in which they accufed, condemned, and banithed Marcellus Ancyranus,.an Adverfary to the Arians, as if he had denyed the Godhead of Chrift, (upon fome wrefted word) though it was their denying it that offended him : Here alfo Arius was juftified and Athanaßas condemned : But Arias dyed fhortly after. 4. 19. XXXV. The next is a Council of 116 Bithops at Rome, in or, a- boutAn. 3 37. under 7ulius ; in which the Nicene Creed was owned, and theArians condemned, and nothing elfe done that is recorded. S. 2o. XXXVI. The next was a Council at Alexandria which vindi. Bated Athanafius from his Accufations, when Confiantinus junior fent him home from his Banifhment. §. 21. XXXVII. The next was a Council at Antioch of near 100 Bi- Ihops (ofwhich 36 were Arians) the molt Orthodox (and theholy, lames ofNifibis one : ) yet they depofed Athanafius, and the Arians (it's like by the Emperours favour) carryed it ; In his place they put George a Cappe. docianfufpefìed to be an Arian, whom, (as I Paid before) the People mur- dered, burnt, and fcattered his Allies in the Wind, and hewas one of the Arians Martyrs. (Unlefs England had ever been Arian, I cannot be- lieve them that fay that this is the St. George, that the Englifhhave fo much honoured.) $. 23. This Arian Council finding that the Emperours favour gave them the Power, made many Canons againft Non-Conformifls. The firft Can is againft them that keep not Enfler at the due time. The fecond a- gainft them that come to the hearing of the Word, but communicatenot publickly in the Lords Supper and Prayers, and againft them that keep private Meetings, and that communicate. with them. Can. 4. Was to make their Cafe'hopeléfs that exercife the Miniftry after they are Silenced, or Depofed, be they Bifhops, Priefis, or Deacons.. Can. 5. Was that if anyPrieft or Deacon gathered Churches or Affemblies againft the Bifhops Will, and took not warning, he was to be Depofed : And ifhe go on, to be oppreffed by the exteriour Power as Seditious: (There is their Strength.) C