Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. 57 Many good Canons for Church Order were made by this and molt of the African Councils, no Bithops being faithfuller thanthey. Several par. fages in their Canons thew that their numerous Bithops had Churches ofno more people than our larger Parifhes. And Can. , 2. of this Council or- dereth that where theBithops by Contract divide their feveral People, one sakenot from the other. §. ; t. XLV. Anno 35o. A Council at Milan received the repentance of Vrfatius andValens that had accufed Athanafus, and gave them Letters of reconciliation. 5. ;z. XLVI. Conflans conftrained fionftantitss to recall Athanafus, but was himfelfmurdered by Magnentius before he came thither : But at 3'erufa- lama Council was held in the way, which judged his reception, and wrote toAlexandria to that end. 5. 3 3. XLVII. Among the friends of Athanaftus, Ettphratas Bithop of Collen was one, that was Pent on a Meflage into the Raft; where Stephen an ArianBithop ofAnt. gota Whore to go into him : When the faw an old man, infteadofa young one, which theexpected, the immediately confeff ed all, and Bifhop Stephen was call out for it. But £ouphratastt after all, turned Photinian and denyed Chrift to be God, and a Council at Colen de- pofed him. 4. 34 XLVIII. They talk of 3 Concilia Vafenfia, or Vafatenfta, and that they ordered [As itwas in the beginning] tobe added to the doxologie : But there is nothing of moment certain of them. 4. 35. XLIX. Anno 35 2. Liberias had a Council at Rome about Athana- fins, and fending a Meffage toConftantius. 4. ;6. L. Anno 353. At a Council at Arles, Athanafus is condemned, and the Popes Legate forced to fubfcribe it, with other Bilhops, and force banifhed that refufed it. §. 37. LI. Pope Liberiandefired aGeneral Council, which the Emperour granteth, and it's held at Milan. Above 300 Weftern Bithops were there, molt of the Raft (where the Arians reigned) could not come (an. 355.) Athanafius his Condemnation (Vrfatius and Valens revolting, and again accufing him) and Communion with the Arians, were the things there urged by the Emperour LuciferCalaritanus (after called a Heretick) and Eá- febittsVercellenfis, and a fewmore, refufed to fubfcribe, and were banifhed; as Liberias after was ; and Fcelix made Pope : But molt of the Bifhops for fear, and delire of peace, fubfcribed. The Emperour himfelf wrote to Eufeb. Vercel. to be there (who had refuted) withgreat profeflìon of zea- lous piety, and delire of the Churches peace. Butthis fcandal and mifcar- riageof the Bithops, and fuccefsof the Arians, was theeffect of this Gene- ral Council. §. 38. LII. The Semi-Arians pretending toUniverfal Concord, thus pre- vailing by the Emperour and a General Council, Hilary Pi£tay. (a Marry- edCitizen made Bithop) drew Come Orthodox Bifhops of France to fepa- rate from the Arian Bifhops, and renounce their Communion; The Arians l (or