Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

58 Church-Hiftory of Bifhops and (or Semi- Arians) taking th.efe,for feparatilis, and injurious to them, (efpe_ dally Swami/ins) procured a Council at Byterris, to condemn them as Schifmaticks ; where Hilary was condemned and banifhed, an. 356. S. 39. LIII. The General Council at Sirminm I out of order began with. Anno 3 57. Conflantius refolving by all means to bring all theBifhops' to oneCommunion, was prelenthimfeif; There were above 30o Bifhopst4 out of the Weft, betides all the Eafiern Bifhops : The confufion was fo great, that menknewnot who wereor were not Hereticks. Photinus deny- ing the GodheadofChrift, the Bifhops called Arian, defired this Council toaccule and condemn him, as they did : They drew up two or three Con feflionsthemfelves: Thefirll was not Heretical direftly, fave by the 0- millionofthe [óao&oior : j whichfomeperfwaded the Emperour, being new . and noancient Scriptural or Symbolical word, was the Caufe ofall the di- vifions of theBifhops, and were that left out, all would be healed. This Council called Arian, palled 27 Anathema's againft the Arian and Pho- tinians : Pope Liberius fubfcribed to it and approved it, as the forcited words of his Epiftle in Hilary [hew. (And yet many Papas call ita Repro- bate Council.) Old©fsts, that prefidedatNice, was forced by !tripes, to fubfcribe to it, and to thecondemnationof Athanaftus.[Thatthe Sois was in all things like the Father,] was the fubflitute Formhere ufed. In theirfecond Form they fay,that [..uia multoscommovetvox, fubfiantia, velida, hoc ef, ut diligentius cognofcatur illud quod Z1206eio1, dicitur, antlioiíeoor, nullam earum vocum mentionemdeberefieri neque de its fermocinandum in Ecclefiá cenfemus, quodde its nihilfcriptumfu in facris literis, [ quad iliahaminam intellerium 0- anentem tranfeendant, . & quadnemopoffetgenerationemfilii enarrare, utfi.riptum, Generationem ejus quis enarrabit ? !alum enira Patron fcire quomodo. filium fuum gemoerit, cerium eft -- neon ignorat duns efe perfonas Parris & ¿ii, ac . proinde Patron malorem, Filium ex Patregenitum, Doom exDeo, Lu- men de Lamino ] Many thought this a neceffary reconciling way: The words [Perfon] and [Subfiance] ltumble'd the Arians : For theyknew not how to conceive of three perfons that were not three fubfiances ; nor bow the Son could be of the fame fubfiance with the Father, unlefs that fubfiance were divided : And at Tait wearied with contending, they thought thustoend all, by leaving out the name [ fubfiance, ] and profetfing the Generation ofthe Son unfearchable. The third Sirmian Creed had, [in unigenitum filiumDei, ante omniafecula initia & ante came tempos quod in intellefium cadere potefi exifientem ; c1 ante omnem comprehenfibilem fubfiantiam, natumimpaffbiliter ex Dee, fawn ex folo Patre, Deum deDee, fimilem Patri foso qui ipfumgenuit, cujus pneratio- stem neon novit nil folus qui cumgenuit, Pater. Vocabulum vero fubflan- sia quiafimplicius a Patribuspofitum efi, & á pepulis ignoratur, & fcandalum atfert, eo quod infcripturùnoncontineatur, placuit urde media tolleretur,. & nul- 1ampofihdc de Dei fubfiantia mentionem efe faciendam. S. 40.