Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

64 Church-Hiftory of Bifhops and §. 56. LXIX. Another Council at Rome he had to condemn Vitalis and the Apollinarians (that took Chrilts Godhead tobe initead of aSoul to his Body) and the Millenaries. 5. 57. LXX. A Council was called at Annicch to end a Schifm, there being three Biohops, two Orthodox, Melerius and Paulinos; and one Arian, Euzoius : They ended the Schifm, by agreeing that Merlenlia and Paulinos fhould both continue, till one dyed, and then the other alone lhould fucceed him i the Presbyters being fworn not to accept it while one of them lived. But Meletius dying firft, Plavianus a Presbyter was faid to break his Oath, and was chofen in his ftead, while Paulinos (an excellent perron) lived : And fo the Schifm was continued. CHAP.