Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. 3 that were for concord: They feeling his pulfe, got Meletius to callaCoun- cil at Antioch, where they feemed very found, and twenty feven Arian Bifhops without any flop fubfcribed the Nicene Creed : So bafely did thefe Bifhops follow the ftronger fide ; and, faith Binnius, offo great confequence with Bifhops is the Emperours mind. S. 49. LXII. An. 364. Yalentinian being Emperour left the Bifhops to meet when and where they would themfelves. And a Council was held at .Lampfacus , where the Semiarians condemned the Arians. And though forne call it Orthodox (Bafl, and force goodmen being there) Binnius faith, that the Macedonians here vented their denyal of the God- head of the Holy Ghoft, and that the Hereticks pretending to own the Nicene Faith were recieved by Liberias. 5. LXIII. A. Council in.Sicilj owned the Nicene Creed. 5. 51 LXIV. Some Bifhops at- Illyricum reftored the Nicola Creed, the mperourbeing now for it. And Valentinian and Valens wrote to the 13 4fian Bithops to charge them to ceafe Perfecuting anyof Chrifts labour- ers. .4. 5z. LXV. An. 365. At a Synod in Tyana Cappadoc. Eufathius Se_ Abaft. by Pope Liberias Letters was .reftored to his BifhoprLk; and af- ter cuffed the Homoufon, (the Nicene Creed) and "denyed the Godhead -of the Holy Ghoft : By their means Bafil returned from his Wildernefs to Cafarea, whence he fled to avoid the enmity of Eufebius the Bifhop; who received himupon his profeflèd refolution for Peace, which he would buy at any rates. 4. 53. LXVI.. The 'Emperourleois (unhappily taken in toralentinian) after the conqueft of Procopius, defired Baptilme,' and having an Arian Wife, was baptized by Eudoxius Confiant. an Arian Bithop; who en- gaged him to promote the Arian Caufe; which he did with a blind religious zeal, perfecuting not only the Orthodox and Novations, but alto the Semiarians and Macedonians. And a Council of Bifhops in Ca- ràa, rejefted [Confubftanrial,] and reftored the Antiochian and Seleucian 'Creed as the belt. 4. 54. LXVII. An. 56.6. Some Arian Bifhops at Singedien in A .fia. reftored the Arimi mm Creed of Likefubftance] and folicited Geninius theSemiarian Bifhop toeonfent, but prevailed not. I. 55 LXVIII. Two Councils were held at -Rome by :Damafus; one to condemn Valens and Vrfariús, old Arian Bifhops: Another to con.. =demn Auxentiss Bifhop of Milan, and Ssfinius as .a Schifmatical Corn- petitor with himfelf: For when Damafus was chofen, the people were divided, and Damafus his Party being the more valiant Warriors, they fought it out in the Church, and left one day an hundred thirty feven dead Bodies behind them, to Thew that they had no Communion with ;them. And becaufe Sifinius and his Party ftìli kept Conventicles, he wasbanifhed, and many. : with him, and now again condemned. .56.